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My Poems

Santa Maria is her name

“Santa” I sing to her today

My Mommy Maria is in my heart

Never far from me, never apart

I sing a hymn of praise to her


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The perfect statue of Mary

holding the grown-up body of Christ

makes one still wonder

how could he fit on her motherly lap

with no physical effort seen in her face

The delicate features of Mary’s face

are neither reflected

in her large strong hands

nor in her large strong legs

covered with a cloak of many folds 

Her figure is large

much larger than that of Christ

but it is hard to notice that at first

for harmony and balance

are perfectly met

The Body of Christ is tall and slender

beautifully carved

a sign to remember 

The face of Christ is filled with peace

as if he were not dead but only asleep 

The face of Mary, albeit calm

is filled with dolor of a great range

under the beauty of her outer shell 

But the mystic aspect of Mary’s figure

lies in the beauty of her young face

for she is a young woman

holding Christ with her hands

as she was holding her baby

at first

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September 27, 2011 - One Response


that profane the House of the Lord

and break the Canon Law of his church

surely they are not what they claim

breaking human and divine law

without any remorse or any restraint

they claim to do charities

in the Lord’s very name

to be exempt from taxes

and remain innocent

they collect money for the homeless and the poor

But instead of giving them help

they threaten them with “cops” and “deputies”

and keep what they get for themselves

all this in the Lord’s name

without any remorse or any restraint

their two bins for the needy

are filled with dirty clothes

and packed with useless or broken things

that every day they throw and pile

and pretend to be holy and saintly

when in truth they are vile

the food also thrown in chaos

either expired years ago

or was used and it is open

wrapped in dirty bags and paper

not only unsanitary

but also poisonous to human nature

it stinks like all the dirty clothes

and useless or broken things

all piling in the two dirty bins

But this is not all they do

for they also loiter near restrooms

and pretend to be clean

when in fact they are very mean

they threaten the homeless with the “cops”

for the homeless try to stay clean

and wash their hands feet and faces

in the water that flows to the sinks

like Jesus himself who did the very same thing

in the temple of his Father

they said they intrude with their routine

that makes one think what that might mean.

the stench of their crimes

overwhelms those who were chosen

by the Lord himself

to discover the fraud they commit

against the state and the church

for they were and are involved

with “deputies” “cops” and “court”

to get what they want they never stop

breaking the law as the dirty mob

corrupted in crimes of blood

the law remains and cannot disappear

they owe us money for they made us ill

by the Lord’s choice, not ours

we discovered the truth they tried to hide

under the cloak of holiness in words of the Lord

for they would go to the very extent

and murder the innocent who know the truth

for they’ve tried to kill us not just once

and sent their assassins including their “cops”

to destroy the evidence of their crimes

the stench of their crimes cannot go away

until justice will reach them with both hands

and end their crimes that take place every day

the wrath of the Lord must be on its way

to free the innocent from their filthy hands

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