The perfect statue of Mary

holding the grown-up body of Christ

makes one still wonder

how could he fit on her motherly lap

with no physical effort seen in her face

The delicate features of Mary’s face

are neither reflected

in her large strong hands

nor in her large strong legs

covered with a cloak of many folds 

Her figure is large

much larger than that of Christ

but it is hard to notice that at first

for harmony and balance

are perfectly met

The Body of Christ is tall and slender

beautifully carved

a sign to remember 

The face of Christ is filled with peace

as if he were not dead but only asleep 

The face of Mary, albeit calm

is filled with dolor of a great range

under the beauty of her outer shell 

But the mystic aspect of Mary’s figure

lies in the beauty of her young face

for she is a young woman

holding Christ with her hands

as she was holding her baby

at first

Wikimedia Commons


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